Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide

We’re not going to lie to you – planning a party is a little stressful at times. It starts off as an awesome idea…that quickly escalates into micro managing the execution!

We totally believe in schedules. We make a list and check check check it at least thrice.

Because we like things to look pretty, we’ve decided to give you a free party planning schedule! Functional and pretty too! It’ll help you brainstorm your ideas, then lock down the logistics of that idea.

We always start by picking a theme. Once you have your theme, you’re done. Okay, not quite. But once you have your theme, you’ve made the most important decision and the rest should follow easily enough.

  1. Decide on your party date
  2. Decide how many guests will be attending
  3. What us your most comfortable budget?
  4. Are you baking a cake or ordering one? If you’re baking, do you need to book a cake tin rental? If you’re ordering, you need to book your favourite cake decorator.
  5. You need to inform your guests of the upcoming party – you’ll need a great invite that captures the spirit of your theme…perhaps a printable! Our printable are available with 24 hours…a few more days if it’s a custom party. Print and distribute your invitations as soon as possible – and don’t forget to have your guests RSVP. Bookmark your RSVP date to ensure that you can send out reminders to ‘those friends’ that are always late.
  6. What will your guests be eating and drinking? Make a dream list, compare it to your budget and pare down the list until appropriately priced.
  7.  How long will the food preparation take you? Will you be needing assistance from your BFF’s? Or are you ordering? Book your catering order or your friends ahead of time. Unfortunately, most foods taste better when fresher so more hands do make light work! If you’re self catering, do you have enough platters and serving dishes?
  8. Make a list of all the party décor you’d like to have…browse through Pinterest for inspirations. Now decide how many of these elements fit your budget? Balloons are a must! But ask yourself how many of the décor items you can make yourself…with a few metres of fabric and a staple gun you can turn your garden into an Arabian Nights tent! We can’t help but mention that printables are a budget friendly way to introduce your theme and decorate your event.
  9. Bookmark your décor shopping days and set aside 2 days to purchase and collect your décor items. Saturdays can be frenetic with suppliers closing at midday…so give yourself another day to pick up anything you missed or was out of stock.

10. Bookmark your décor making week. At least a week is comfortable if you’re making the party elements. You can store the items in a box in a corner…but at least you know they’re done and just need to be hung.

11. Bookmark a food shopping day. A nifty trick to avoiding queues and lugging groceries from your car…is to use online shopping! Pick n Pay and Woolies give awesome service.

12. Confirm your RSVP’s…and see how your party and food budget increases after the regrets!

13. Confirm your cake with your decorator/ Confirm your food order with your caterer/ Confirm final numbers with any vendors you’re using

14. If you’re hiring extra seating or crockery – now’s the time to book them.

15. We like to start setting up our parties 2 days before the party date. Start moving your furniture into position and stacking any extra seating. Planning the flow of the party. The day before the party, ensure that all furniture and heavy items are perfectly positioned. Then start decorating your tables and walls with the items you’ve already completed and have kept stored in the box. Once you’re décor is up, you’ll start enjoying yourself again. Set out your glasses, cutlery, crockery and napkins. We also like to fill all our candy jars the night before…you’ll be surprised how rushed pouring can end up with gumballs scattered all over the floor! We also start any foods that can be prepared the day before.

16. On the day of the party…who are we kidding…it’s frenetic! So start your day off with breathing and try to remember to keep breathing until your last guest leaves! Confirm all your vendor deliveries. We find it handy to put a list of deliveries on the fridge so that friends and family can help.

17. Start prepping your food but make sure to keep them well refrigerated, especially in summer. We tend to leave our cooking and final presentation until an hour or two before the first guests are expected.

18. Don’t forget to hang your Welcome Sign!

19. An hour before the guests arrive – try to take a moment for yourself. Take that shower and do your make up. But here’s a tip, don’t put on your high heels until you’re sure there’s no more running to be done.

20. The very last think we do, 10 minutes before he guests arrive, is bring out any cooked snacks and pour the first round of drinks. This means your guests can walk in, grab a drink and start munching while you answer the door. We inevitably assign those initial visitors to doorman duty!

REMEMBER TO ENJOY YOUR PARTY! The clean up can always wait!

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