Lego Party Printable

Lego Party Printable

The Lego Building Block Party Printable – another super bright and super fun printable theme that any kid can relate to. Well, adults too! I’ve caught myself lost in building the most epic tower of blocks. And was certainly distracted trawling through Pinterest for Lego DIY Party Ideas! Definitely browse through the Lego Party inspirations we’ve put together here.

Lego DIY Party Printable

Lego DIY Party Printable

The full printable set includes:

  • A6 Invitation (4 on an A4 sheet)
  • Welcome Sign (A4 can be enlarged to any size)
  • Thank You Cards (6 on an A4 sheet)
  • Happy Birthday Bunting (15 individual A4 sheets)
  • Triangle Bunting (2 per A4 sheet)
  • Cupcake Wrappers  (4 on an A4 sheet)
  • Cupcake Toppers/ Stickers  (15 on an A4 sheet)
  • Water Bottle/Napkin Label (5 on an A4 sheet)
  • Food Label Tent Fold Card (6 on an A4 sheet)
  • Straw Flags (18 on an A4 sheet)
  • Party Hat (1 per A4 sheet)
  • 3 Matching Papers (3 total – 1 per A4 sheet)


All elements are available as individual items – so feel free to pick and choose the elements you require. If you have your heart set on a different colour scheme – it’s super easy to change and we’ll happily do this for you.

Not feeling particularly crafty or are running out of time? Give us a shout and we can create a ready made pack that we’ll deliver to you.

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  1. How do we get the printable version of the cupcake wrappers, water bottle wrappers etc? Do we need to buy them?

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