Freebie: Party Planning Guide

Freebie: Party Planning Guide

We’re not going to lie to you – planning a party is a little stressful at times. It starts off as an awesome idea…that quickly escalates into micro managing the execution…

We totally believe in schedules. We make a list and check check check it thrice.

We like lists that we can check at least thrice...

We like lists that we can check at least thrice…

Because we like things to look nice, we’ve decided to give you a free party planner! Functional and pretty too! It’ll help you brainstorm your ideas, then lock down the logistics of that idea.

Free Party Planning Guide that'll help you throw the perfect party...and it's pretty...and that's important to us!

Free Party Planning Guide that’ll help you throw the perfect party…and it’s pretty…and that’s important to us!

The free party planning guide allows you to brainstorm your party with space to:

  • sketch out your ideas,
  • plan your snacks, sweets and drinks
  • a food, drinks and decor budget page complete with shopping list and blocks to check off your purchases
  • a monthly and weekly planning schedule to help you keep track of time
  • a to do list that you can fill in
  • and space to list your party vendors.

We’ve also included our guideline that walks you through what you need to arrange to throw a successful party – we’ve counted down the days from one month ahead of schedule down to an hour before your party starts.

You can download the planner here.

Leave us a comment letting us know how your party planning is going. Happy party planning!

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